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KIAS-5G bus routes timing and fare at Bangalore airport

Gottigere to Kempegowda International Airport
Bus No
KIAS-5G 17:15, 18:15 Rs 230.00/-
Kempegowda International Airport to Gottigere
Bus No
KIAS-5G 07:45, 08:45 Rs 230.00/- Stoppage
1 Gottigere (Towards Basavanapura Gate)-Towards(Basavanapura Gate)
2 Hulimavu Gate (Towards Meenakshi Temple)-Towards(Meenakshi Temple)
3 Bilekahalli-Towards(IIBM Stop)
4 Gurappanapalya-Towards(MICO Layout)
5 Bengaluru Dairy Circle (Towards Bannerughatta)-Towards(Bannerughatta)
6 MICO Factory Junction-Towards(Bengaluru Dairy Circle)
7 Shoole Circle-Towards(Adugodi)
8 M G Statue-Towards(Shivaji Nagara)
9 Shivajinagara Bus Station-Towards(Departure)
10 CSI Hospital-Towards(Indian Express)
11 Munireddy Palya J C Nagara -Towards(Shivaji Nagara)
12 Mekhri Circle-Towards(Shivaji Nagara)
13 Hebbala (Towards Mekhri Circle)-Towards(Mekhri Circle)
14 Military Dairy Farm -Towards(Hebbala)
15 Navayuga Devanahalli Toll Plaza (KIAS Service)-Towards(Hebbala)
16 Byatarayanapura (Towards Hebbala)-Towards(Hebbala)
17 Allalasandra Gate (Towards Hebbala)-Towards(Hebbala)
18 Kogilu Cross-Towards(Hebbala)
19 Venkatala-Towards(Hebbala)
20 IAF Indian Air Force -Towards(Yalahanka)
21 Hunasamaranahalli-Towards(Yalahanka)
22 Bettahalasuru Cross (Towards Yalahanka)-Towards(Yalahanka)
23 Chikkajala-Towards(Yalahanka)
24 Sadahalli Gate-Towards(Yalahanka)
25 Trumpet-Towards(Yalahanka)
26 Kempegowda International Airport-Towards(Kempegowda International Airport)

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Kias-5G bus stopage and route to Bangalore airport

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